The screenplay that spawned a novel that spawned a screenplay

Long-Dead-Road-BOOKCOVER-07-3DNovember 2014 saw yet another new novel release by Andy Conway, and a major change of direction following his historical time travel saga Touchstone.

For this release he teamed up with action novelist Jack Turner to deliver a gritty revenge thriller, LONG DEAD ROAD.

But the book is only half of the story. It came about through an unusual process. And it owes its existence to up and coming film producer Richard Adams.

Andy met Richard on the set of his first feature film as screenwriter, revenge thriller Arjun & Alison, and they hit it off enough for Richard to seek him out a couple of years later when he was putting together his first slate of film projects.

Richard had an idea about a man who comes out of prison and takes revenge on the gang who put him inside… and he wanted Andy to turn it into a screenplay.

A few drafts later and Andy had the idea of turning it into a novel.

2014-11-17 20.30.05At the moment, the screenplay and the novel are pretty close. But it might not end up like that. It’s quite possible the screenplay will go through several more major changes before if becomes a film.

So LONG DEAD ROAD is out in the world as a novel, and pretty soon it will be out there as a film.

Richard Adams is putting together a crew and cast and we’ll be seeking funding to turn the screenplay into a movie.

That particular adventure is going to be a very long road indeed, but we hope it won’t be too long before we’re telling you all about it.

Meanwhile, get a sneak preview and read the novel…

You can buy Long Dead Road right now in ebook and paperback at:

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